Registering a Company in China

Foreign investors interested in seeking expansion opportunities in China need to understand the processes associated with establishing an entity in the country. When deciding whether to incorporate an entity, the laws and regulations that govern company establishment need to also be considered in the process, with the selection of an optimal investment vehicle that is […]

China Accounting Standards

Foreign companies with operations in China are required to complete several compliance requirements in accordance with Chinese law, including a requirement to maintain proper accounting records and submit them to the Chinese government on a monthly basis. Not only are foreign companies required to perform their accounting in accordance with Chinese regulations, but thorough understanding […]

Transfer Pricing in China

Transfer pricing is one of the more important international tax issues for many businesses. In an effort to combat tax base erosion and shifting of profit, there has been enhanced focus on developing stricter enforcement measures, by the Chinese authorities. Transfer pricing, which is often a problem with multinationals and larger corporations, is becoming more […]

China Business Guide

The Complete Guide To Doing Business In China – 2023 Edition Click here to download   

Doing Business in China

If you want to learn more about Doing Business in China, you’ve come to the right place! MSA’s Complete Guide to Doing Business in China is here to give you a comprehensive understanding of all the administrative aspects of having a business in China. Our experts have carefully put together a guide that answers any […]