2023 Sino Benelux Business Survey

Foreign businesses in China have been profoundly impacted by the challenges experienced over the past few years. In 2022 businesses operating in the country were faced with stringent lockdown measures, shuttered factories, disrupted supply chains and stifled economic activity. For some businesses this presented an unlikely opportunity for growth. While for others, maintaining stability was […]

2022 Sino Benelux Business Survey

Since the outbreak of the pandemic the business sentiment in China has been on a roller coaster that has still not come to a standstill. With a strong start for the Chinese economy in 2021, many business leaders and managers had an optimistic outlook for the rest of the year. However, towards the end of […]

2021 Sino Benelux Business Survey

While 2020 was mainly characterized by the outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact on economies and societies around the world, 2021 was a good year for the recovery of China’s economy. Recovering strong over the first half of the year, the economy did experience a slowdown in recovery over the 3rd quarter. Despite the slowdown the […]

2020 Sino Benelux Business Survey

The past year a decelerating economy in combination with the ongoing trade conflict between China and the United States meant that 2019 was again a challenging year for Benelux businesses in China. In addition, several developments such as the introductions of new regulations including reforms to China’s IIT and VAT law, pension contribution cuts, implementation […]

2019 Sino Benelux Business Survey

In China, the only thing that is constant is change itself. During the last year these changes included new regulations, a slower economy, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and a trade conflict between two of the largest trading countries in the world, the United States and China. After the continuing increase in salary costs, […]

2018 Sino Benelux Business Survey

How have Benelux companies active in China performed in 2017? Are Benelux companies more impacted by new rules and regulations in China and have Benelux companies experienced any business opportunities due to governmental policies such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)? What do companies consider about the current business climate in China? Does China remain […]