Who We Are

MSA is a full-service boutique accounting and strategic advisory partner that assists foreign SMEs in China and other Asian markets.

Our Purpose

MSA is a full-service accounting and strategic advisory partner that assists since 2011 foreign SMEs in the Chinese market and across other Asian markets with accounting, finance, and strategic business needs.

How We Assist You

We have been helping foreign companies across Asia with all their business needs for over a decade. With an enhanced focus on high-quality solutions, our services include assurance and auditing, tax advisory, corporate services, and more.

Our Mission

We specialize in helping SMEs and multinationals achieve their goals in China and the APAC region. We aim to assist foreign enterprises by providing comprehensive services that address all their administrative and financial needs.

Our Values

1. Unmatched Transparency

We believe in transparent financial reporting that complies with local and international standards, which allows us to safeguard foreign investment. Our comprehensive reporting provides control and insight for local management that meets the headquarters’ requirements.

2. Act with integrity

Our emphasis on compliance ensures that your business fully complies with Chinese law and regulations.

By introducing your organization to advanced financial processes and efficient information management, we empower our clients to successfully bridge the differences between local and international standards.

3. Sustainability

We give your business full control over its finances, enabling you to focus on sustainable business growth. Our professionals are dedicated to using their knowledge and insights to find practical and efficient solutions for your business.

Our Services

Our mission is to provide a full range of financial services to foreign enterprises active in China and Hong Kong. We focus on delivering transparency, compliance, and sustainability to your business.

We commit ourselves to providing our clients with a good understanding of compliance and reporting requirements in China and ensuring they have full control over their finances, enabling them to focus on their business.

Our People

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team empowers our clients through the most complex business challenges.

Our team
Our team has 100+ years of combined China experience.

MSA is a full-service accounting and strategic advisory partner that assists foreign SMEs with accounting, finance, and business growth needs; we have been helping foreign businesses in China and across Asia For over a decade.

Our Offices


No. 668 East Beijing Road
Room A, 21st Floor, East Building,
Huangpu District, Shanghai


77 Jianguo Road
China Central Place, Level 24, Tower 3
Chaoyang District,Beijing


Gonye West Road,
Longshen Times Building, Room 1208
Longshen, Shenzhen

Hong Kong (PRC)

Room 1109, 11/F
118 Connaught Road West
Hong Kong