2023 Sino Benelux Business Survey

Foreign businesses in China have been profoundly impacted by the challenges experienced over the past few years. In 2022 businesses operating in the country were faced with stringent lockdown measures, shuttered factories, disrupted supply chains and stifled economic activity. For some businesses this presented an unlikely opportunity for growth. While for others, maintaining stability was the main focus while keenly awaiting sign of China’s recovery.

While the short-term plans and objectives of firms operating in China would be undoubtedly impacted, with a high percentage of respondents expecting negative revenue growth, foreign business leaders remained optimistic in the long term.

What is the Sino Benelux Business Survey?

The Sino Benelux Business Survey is an initiative organized by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and its relevant chapters across China (Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou) . The survey is carried out with the official diplomatic- and trade representations of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg in China.  Currently in its 8th year of publication, in partnership with MSA, the Sino Benelux Business Survey is conducted to provide valuable insights to the Benelux business community and other businesses operating in China.

The survey provides Benelux businesses, as well as other stakeholders, with comparative information about the business climate, challenges, and emerging trends in China. The 2023 edition of the survey takes a close look at how Benelux companies in China have been performing over the past year considering all the geopolitical, economic and regulatory challenges China has faced.

2023 Survey Results

This comprehensive report presents the results of the survey, which is shared with the Benelux community across China. This survey, which was conducted between February and April of 2023, provides extensive data on the performance of foreign businesses in China over the past year.

This year the results of the survey illustrated the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns on business performance of firms over the past year, the expected impact of revenue growth, and business sentiment towards the Chinese market. Through this survey we were able to identify some of the challenges that have faced foreign invested companies and the confidence of companies in the Benelux community moving forward.

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