HR & Payroll in China

With our streamlined service, you can optimize your HR and payroll in China. We cover compliance, employee registration, social security, and tax contributions.

Effectively managing your Human Resources and Payroll is essential for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions. Whether you are a local or global business in China, foreign entities are required to comply with strict regulations, register their employees with relevant authorities, and contribute to the Chinese social security system and individual income tax. This task becomes increasingly difficult while employing employees working across borders and are subject to various rules and regulations.

MS Advisory supports foreign companies facing HR and Payroll in China difficulties whether it is related to insurance, employment law, pensions, or benefits and ease the burden of routine administrative tasks while ensuring full compliance in your organization.

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Payroll in China, Individual Income Tax and Social Security

We offer a full range of payroll services in China to reduce time and costs for your organization, streamline your monthly operations and ensure compliance with Chinese regulations. Our integrated China payroll services include monthly payroll calculation including social security individual income tax registration, benefits planning, expat salary cost reimbursements and total cost overview preparation for management.

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Global Mobility

Through our experience in supporting foreign companies and employees with China payroll services and tax questions about assignments in China, we understand the issues that matter to you and your employees. We provide advice on topics such as individual- and company tax compliance and optimization, tax equalization policies, social security implication, double taxation avoidance and totalization agreements, and many other China payroll subjects.

Immigration and Visa Applications

All non-Chinese nationals are required to have relevant documentation in order to work and stay in Mainland China. Our expert team supports throughout the entire process of visa application and immigration. We support with pre-application advice to ensure all relevant documents are accurate, process the application, maintain close communication with the immigration bureau and track the application process.

HR Management

We support our clients in China with monthly compliance services, as well as taxation advice and legal support with respect to their workforce. These includes support and advice with employment contracts, the employee handbook, hiring and termination support, and the structuring of employee benefits.

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PEO Employment – Dispatch Services

Our dispatch services provides a solution to enter the Chinese market without the immediate need to invest in- and establish a legal entity in China. Our China dispatch service includes easy onboarding and immediate availability of the required personnel on the ground. As your legal Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provider, we manage your payroll, insurance, benefits, risk mitigation, tax compliance and ongoing employee support while the client can focus on their day-to-day operations.

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