Payroll in China

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Easy to use systems

Remove manual processes and improve your payroll accuracy.

Improved compliance

We take on the administrative role ensuring your business always stays compliant with all the relevant HR regulations.

Increased data

You get a better understanding of your business, with enhanced business intelligence and employee data.

Who We Serve

High-level Executives

Directors that want to drive their organization towards success

More automated HR processing

Enhanced management of a team

Customized HR Dashboard

IT Managers

For IT-managers who prioritize data security

Adaptable to any IT landscape & provides best in-class security

Modern integration features

Unlimited scalability

HR Business Partners

For HR business partners who want to involve employees an develop an effective HR agenda

Increased engagement

Enhanced management by employee and manager

Best practice workflows


Employees and managers that want access to HR information whether working remotely or on-site

Access everything from everywhere

Sync instantly

Maintain HR protocols even when remote


China Payroll Brochure

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For a comprehensive solution that can improve your business starting from 1 employee to several hundred, this solution can help you do the following:

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