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For over a decade, we have been offering full-service accounting and strategic advisory to SMEs in China and APAC. 

EOR in China

Our China's employer of record (EOR) solution streamlines your company's expansion, eliminating the need to establish a legal entity.

Our China EOR service acts as a legal employer, assuming employment responsibilities on your company’s behalf. Engaging with MSA’s EOR service in China allows your company to hire and manage staff compliantly without establishing a local legal entity. Our EOR solution navigates the complexities of Chinese labor law to mitigate compliance risks and streamline your expansion into the Chinese market.

Benefits of our China EOR Service

Quick Market Entry

Simplified hiring process without setting up a local entity. We can quickly hire your employees by sidestepping the process of creating a legal entity.


Ensure full compliance with China's labor laws and tax regulations

Comprehensive Solution

Provide your employees comprehensive HR support, benefits and payroll management

Work Visas & Permits

Obtention of work visa and permits for foreign workers.


Scale your team up or down flexibly.

Conversion from EOR to Legal Entity

We assist companies to transition from EOR to a Local Entity.

Understanding our China’s Employer of Record Service

Compliance with Chinese labor law is non-negotiable when hiring in China. MSA’s EOR service ensures that your employment practices abide by local labor laws, which cover aspects such as maximum working hours, minimum wage requirements, and mandatory benefits. Partnering with MSA means transferring legal liabilities related to employment to our EOR service as the legal employer of your staff in China. MSA assumes responsibility for legal compliance of employment contracts.

When selecting MSA as your EOR provider, consider the following:

Employment liability

MSA assumes liability for employment to the extent specified in our service agreement.

Expertise in local Chinese employment regulations

Our knowledge can be pivotal to your success. MSA’s due diligence is critical to ensuring a compliant EOR partnership.

Operational aspects

MSA’s Employer of Record (EOR) streamline your expansion by handling the complexities of hiring and payroll. We ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations, allowing you to focus on your business operations.

Recruitment and Onboarding Processes

MSA’s EOR services benefit your recruitment in China. We manage the complexities of sourcing and hiring local talent while ensuring compliance with employment contracts and HR policies. The onboarding process is designed to integrate new employees efficiently into your team and includes managing the probationary period. MSA can source, interview, and select candidates. 


MSA generates contracts that adhere to Chinese labor laws. 


MSA streamlines the onboarding process for new hires.

Payroll, Taxes, and Benefits Administration

Working with MSA’s EOR service in China ensures timely and accurate payroll processing. Taxes and social insurance contributions are meticulously handled, reducing your administrative burden. You can confidently provide statutory benefits, knowing that your operations fully comply with Chinese regulations.


MSA calculates and distributes monthly wages.

Tax Administration

MSA withholds and pays the correct tax amounts. 

Benefits Management

MSA enrolls employees in health and social insurance programs.

Managing Contracts and Employment Termination

When the time comes to terminate an employment contract, MSA’s EOR service advises on and manages severance terms and any legal requirements. This includes respecting the terms of the contract and local HR practices to ensure a smooth transition for both you and the departing employee.

Contract Management

MSA oversees employment terms during the lifecycle of employment.

Termination Handling

MSA guides legalities and processes for ending employment.


By leveraging MSA’s China Employer of Record services, you outsource administrative tasks and reduce legal exposure, allowing you to focus on strategic growth. This includes everything from hiring in China to managing independent contractors and full-time employees.

Why Partner With MSA China EOR

MSA is a leading provider of EOR service in China with over 10 years of experience. In addition to our Employer of Record service, we offer a full range of support, including accounting, tax, and advisory solutions.

Our Western management team and bilingual staff are dedicated to making your expansion into China seamless. With MSA as your trusted partner, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the back-office details.