China Tax System & Filing System

Our service ensures companies in China fulfill their tax obligations and adhere to the monthly requirements of the national tax legislation.

All companies in China are required to meet their tax obligations and comply with the monthly requirements of the Chinese tax system as set out in national tax legislation.

Compliance with Chinese tax laws aims to control subsidiary operations and minimize non-compliance risks. Businesses in China must meet various administrative and compliance requirements monthly, quarterly, annual, or ad hoc.

A thorough understanding of local Chinese tax law and the regulatory environment is essential for successful operations in China and for fulfilling your tax filing obligations.

Our team comprises Chartered Tax Advisors and licensed accountants with in-depth knowledge of the Chinese regulatory landscape and local practices. We provide comprehensive tax services in China with our international taxation advisors and global partners. This ensures full compliance, mitigates risks, and optimally positions our clients’ Chinese operations within their group.

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China Corporate Tax System

Through our tax compliance services, we alleviate the burden of tax administration for our clients and support them in optimizing their processes. Our comprehensive tax service offering includes:

Corporate Income Tax Calculation and OptimizationCalculating and optimizing Corporate Income Tax liability, ensuring ongoing tax compliance on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
Preparation and Submission of Tax ReturnsPreparing and submitting China tax returns on time and processing tax payments efficiently.
Communication and Negotiation with Tax AuthoritiesWe handle all communication and negotiation with relevant local Chinese tax authorities on behalf of our clients.
Advisory Services and Legislative UpdatesProviding advice and updates on new tax legislation and policies to keep our clients informed and compliant.

Our team of experts ensures that all tax-related processes are streamlined and that our clients comply with Chinese tax laws. By leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we help businesses optimize their tax strategies and minimize risks associated with non-compliance.

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China VAT

China’s indirect tax system has undergone significant changes in recent years, notably introducing a single Value Added Tax (VAT) system for goods and services. We support our clients with the following:

  • Filing of VAT returns.
  • VAT taxpayer registrations with Chinese authorities.
  • Applications for VAT exemptions and VAT refunds.
  • Advising on the recoverability of VAT and VAT refunds in China.
  • Advising on the customs tariffs and taxation of import/export.

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Export VAT Refund 

Since China does not, in principle, levy VAT on exported goods, it is important to note that Chinese entities engaged in exporting activities can apply for a VAT refund with the relevant tax authority in charge. By engaging in this procedure, a Chinese entity can reclaim the input VAT associated with the materials/input for exported goods.

When applying for an export VAT refund, several documents must be submitted to the Chinese tax authority, including special VAT invoices (fapiao), customs declaration forms, etc. As the procedure to claim an export VAT refund is considered complex and time-consuming, we alleviate the administrative burden for our clients by optimizing the process and applying for the VAT refund on their behalf.

Chinese Individual Income Tax

We support our clients with all aspects of individual income tax (IIT) for their local Chinese employees and expatriate staff. You can read more about our IIT Services in China on our HR & China Payroll Services page.

International Taxation & Transfer Pricing

When companies engage in global business activities or international transactions, they must be aware of local tax considerations, view their operations in an international context, and consider the cross-border impact of their activities. You can read more about how we at MSA support our clients with these aspects regarding International Taxation and Transfer Pricing.