China Market Entry

Want to do business with China or considering entering the Chinese market? Get a free quotation tailored for your specific needs!

China Market Entry Solution

Access to Experts

Gain support throughout the entire lifecycle of your company establishment, from advisory on structuring activities to legal incorporation, opening bank accounts and applying for special licenses

Simplify All Admin Tasks

We support you with all administrative tasks including setting up your entity, HR and compliance, accounting, tax administration and more

International Expertise in a Chinese Context

Rely on our team of international consultants and local experts to provide expert insight into the Chinese market while putting these in an international context

When is it important to 
consider your China market entry strategy?

When you want to sell in China/ source in China (without entity)

Even when doing business in China without an entity it is important to consider various items

Taxation impact of your business strategy

Ensuring proper documentation & China money flow controls

IP & Trademark protection

When you consider entering the Chinese market

Upon deciding to setup an office in China, investors must carefully consider its structuring and operational consequences

Feasibility to operate in chosen industry and applicable licenses

Identification of a suitable location to operate

Choosing of the optimal legal investment vehicle

Decide upon structural details, incl. financing, personnel, business scope etc.

When you want to hire people

What are the options to hire people in China and how to find suitable personnel

Pros and Cons of hiring with or without an entity

Use of dispatching services (PEO/EOR)

Expatriation of individuals and global mobility

Defining your China strategy

To position yourself in the market a foreign investor must carefully consider several elements

Market research and competitive positioning

Choosing proper sales and distribution channels

Choosing the right partners to execute China strategy

How We Can Help

China Market Entry Guide

Our guide has all your business needs for you to successfully operate in the Chinese market:

For a comprehensive solution that can improve your business starting from 1 employee to several hundred, this solution can help you do the following: