2020 Sino Benelux Business Survey

The past year a decelerating economy in combination with the ongoing trade conflict between China and the United States meant that 2019 was again a challenging year for Benelux businesses in China. In addition, several developments such as the introductions of new regulations including reforms to China’s IIT and VAT law, pension contribution cuts, implementation of the New Foreign Investment Law and the roll out of the Corporate Social Credit System altered the playing field for foreign companies in China.

In wake of the outbreak of COVID-19, Benelux businesses faced unprecedented challenges in China due to a paralyzing of the Chinese national economy and subsequent impact on the global economy. The onset of the outbreak is expected to plague the business sentiment in China and the economic outlook for the upcoming year and further highlight vulnerabilities of Benelux businesses in the market.

The 2020 edition of the Sino Benelux Business Survey marks the 5th consecutive year in a row in which this report is being published with the aim to be a fundamental piece for the Benelux community. The report provides insights into how companies from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (the “Benelux”) performed in China over 2019 with an already decelerating economy, their current perception of the Chinese market and business environment as well their expectations for 2020, particularly considering the impact of COVID-19.

We believe this report will provide several valuable and unique up-to-date insights into the perspectives of Benelux businesses in China. The dataset and analysis aid to better understand the Chinese business environment and support the successful operation of foreign-invested companies in China.

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