2021 Sino Benelux Business Survey

While 2020 was mainly characterized by the outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact on economies and societies around the world, 2021 was a good year for the recovery of China’s economy. Recovering strong over the first half of the year, the economy did experience a slowdown in recovery over the 3rd quarter. Despite the slowdown the business outlook for many businesses in China has been positive over the course of 2021.

With this in mind, we now take a look at how companies from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (the Benelux) performed in China over 2021. This comprehensive survey looks at the recovery considering the challenges experienced in 2020, as well the importance of China for the global strategy of Benelux businesses in the foreseeable future.


The Sino Benelux Business Survey is an initiative organized by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and its relevant chapters across China. The survey is carried out with the official diplomatic- and trade representations of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg in China. This Sino Benelux Business Survey is currently in its 6th year of publication, in partnership with MSA and is valued for its positive contribution to the Benelux business community.

The survey provides Benelux businesses, as well as other stakeholders, with comparative information about the business climate, challenges, and emerging trends in China. The 2021 edition of the survey takes a closer look at how Benelux companies are performing post pandemic.


The results of the survey are presented in a comprehensive report, which is shared with the Benelux community across China. This survey was conducted between February and April of 2021 and provides extensive data on the period of China’s economic recovery.

Through the results of this survey, we identify how the recovery of the Chinese economy has influenced the Benelux business community’s perception and confidence of doing business in China. The survey further allows us to identify the underlying challenges that remain and opportunities that have an impact on foreign invested companies in China.

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