Same Company, Stronger Brand: “Moore Stephens” becomes “Moore”

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From its inception in 1907 in London (United Kingdom) until now, the Moore Stephens Network has developed into the 11th largest accounting and consulting group with 609 offices worldwide, active in 112 countries throughout the world, incorporating 30,569 people and with a global turnover of more than US$ 3.06 billion. Moore Stephens has grown to be a serious competitor in the financial services- and taxation industry and is recognized and valued by its clients to offer reliable and customized solutions to small- and medium sized companies seeking expertise, professionalism and personal care.

To support the international growth of the group and to develop a more recognizable brand within the market, the group has decided to change by September 9 (today), the brand name from “Moore Stephens” to “Moore”. By changing to a mo(o)re modern, shorter and easier to pronounce brand name, the group continues its efforts to enable itself and its member firms to more actively develop their brand, increase recognizability and to better compete within all the markets we operate.

Will this change anything for your company? No and yes.

We will remain the same company (“MS Advisory” in the Moore International Network), the same people (no changes to email address, website address etc.) will continue to support your business in China and Hong Kong and we will ensure you receive the same level of professionalism and care you have grown so used to expecting from us.

What else to expect? On all our external communication our brand logo will be adjusted to “Moore”. This will be on our website, in our email signature, the reports we prepare for you and the newsletters we share with you. Be ready to anticipate this change. You may also experience mo(o)re wordplays and mo(o)re smart slogans as a result of this change, but we will promise to keep this to a minimum!