Annual Audit and Compliance

At the end of the fiscal year, all foreign companies must complete the annual audit and other annual compliance procedures as set out by the Chinese government. The annual statutory requirements in China can be separated into the year-end statutory audit, annual Corporate Income Tax Filing and Annual Publication Report.

China Quarterly Overview – Q4 2021

An overview of China’s 2021 economic performance and a look into the final quarter of the year. We lay out the most important figures for a better understanding of how the Chinese economy performed by comparing it to the previous year.

China’s Corporate Income Tax

China’s Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is generally applicable to all companies in China or those with business activities in China. A sound understanding of China’s Corporate Income Tax framework is essential to ensure full compliance in China. As such, this article discusses all key characteristics of China’s CIT framework, including the classification of taxpayers in China, the CIT calculation method, applicable CIT deductions and exemptions, applicable CIT in China and preferential CIT rates and withholding CIT rates.

China Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Compliance Requirements

Most companies in China must meet several monthly, quarterly and annual tax deadlines and compliance requirements. This article will discuss Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and Surtaxes, Individual Income Tax (IIT), the Housing Fund, and Social Security.