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For the first time in 3 years China will open up to foreign visitors, with all categories opening up for application. Announced in a government notice, the new policies and measures are being implemented as of Wednesday, March 15th, 2023.

In previous years, under administrative enforcement of zero-COVID policies, inbound international travels into China were largely restricted. Foreign nationals faced numerous entry barriers into China including a suspension on the issuance of tourist visas, as well as additional requirements for testing and quarantine.

The latest policy change and removal of the of the last border control measures coming into China are being made after the Chinese government has declared victory in the way the Covid-19 pandemic had been handled.

The changes have been greatly welcomed by the global community, who have recently also commenced business travel to China as well as of January 2023. Travelers who are making their way for either business or tourism are still required to take a Covid test within 48 hours of their departure.

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Unlike with business travel, which commenced almost immediately, tourism to China is expected to see a more gradual increase. Although it is a positive step for the tourism industry, it is unlikely China will receive a massive influx of tourists in the near future, which still remains a challenge for the industry.

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What are the Specific Changes Regarding Chinese Visa Policies?

Foreigners considering entering China should be cognizant of the following updates as denoted in the Notice on Further Adjustment of Visa and Entry Policies for Foreigners to China:

  1. All visa types including tourism and medical visas are available for applications.
  2. Port visas into China also known as a visa on arrival are part of the issuance plan for foreigners
  3. Visa exemption policies for foreigners visiting the province of Hainan as well as Guangdong from the nearby cities of Hong Kong and Macao are now active. Visa exemption is resumed for cruise passengers entering Shanghai for 144 hours. For tour groups from ASEAN regions (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) visiting Guilin and Guangxi, visa-exemptions have now resumed.
  4. All multiple entry multi-year visas are to hold functionality if the date of issuance was prior to March 28, 2020

For any further information, it is advisable to consult with the Chinese embassy of your home country once a notice has been released regarding any detailed procedures and application requirements.

How to Apply for a Chinese Business Visa In 2023

In order to apply for a visa for China, applicants are required to follow the following process:

    1. Applicants need to fill out a visa application form and make an online reservation.
    2. Visa applicants are then required to have their fingerprints taken and submit all relevant application documents (for a full list of documents click here) and pay the required fees. The required documents generally include a valid passport, fully completed visa application, a recently taken passport-size picture, proof of a return or on onward travel ticket.
    3. Consular officials may require applicants to provide further documents or request an interview.
    4. Wait while the visa is being processed. Processing time usually varies based on the type of visa being applied for and the consulate/embassy you are applying at.
    5. Collect the visa upon approval.Market Entry Ad resized final

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