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On November 24, 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a trial initiative to facilitate increased travel in China by extending unilateral visa-free entry from December 1, 2023, to November 30, 2024 (view official source). This policy is effective for citizens holding ordinary passports from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia.

On March 7, 2024, visa-free travel was extended to another 6 countries, namely Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg

Under this policy, eligible individuals from the mentioned countries can benefit from visa-free entry for purposes such as business, tourism, family visits, or transit, with a maximum stay of 15 days.

It is important to emphasize however that those not meeting the specified criteria must obtain a visa before entering China.

Moreover, in line with the previous policy, citizens of Singapore, Brunei, and Japan holding ordinary passports can enter China without a visa through designated ports open to foreigners. Similarly, this is applicable for such personnel visiting for purposes such as tourism, family visits, business, or transit, and if their intended stay in China is no more than 15 days.

Finally, foreigners with confirmed onward tickets and seats on international flights transiting through China, staying for no more than 24 hours within the airport boundaries, do not need to apply for a transit visa. Individuals desiring to go beyond the airport boundaries temporarily, however, should obtain permission from immigration authorities.

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The Promotion of High Quality Development and International Engagement

China’s visa policy update reflects its commitment to expanding international engagements, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, and, in the broader context, strengthening foreign investment. The simplification of travel procedures and the opening of borders signal the country’s efforts to encourage cross-cultural arrangements.

The policy aims to create a more accessible entry process, while facilitating exchanges and cooperation on a global scale. This measured approach underscores China’s openness to diverse connections and partnerships, contributing to a more interconnected global landscape.

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Concluding Remarks

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