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Navigating the Remote Business Landscape

There has been a remarkable learning curve for the business world around remote and hybrid working conditions as a result of the COVID pandemic. Interestingly, in the IT sector, remote work and work from home has always formed a part of their landscape, but for more traditional and corporate environments it has been an adjustment and large changes in processes and systems have had to be made.

Digital platforms have propelled business into a new era, enabling not only remote work but also meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. Both employers and employees have had to make adjustments, with compromises and benefits occurring on both ends.


HR Challenges Facing Companies

Looking after your employees and ensuring that their needs are prioritized and addressed are key to the success of your organization. With the imposed travel restrictions, employers in China who are part of are often having to engage with employees remotely, which presents numerous other challenges.

In the context of having employees in China, it has become increasingly important that there is constant communication, for maintaining strategy as well as ensuring that employee’s feel their work needs are being considered and have good experiences when interacting with their employer and workplace.

Businesses also need to ensure the administrative aspects of maintaining a network of staff is met. As such, more businesses are looking for ways to meet their business needs and ensure employee data security while doing so. Employers have an obligation to ensure employee information is stored accurately and securely; they also need to ensure staff are paid on time; and a correct record of employee attendance and performance is recorded.

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Accelerated Digital Solutions in China

 China is considered as one the most tech savvy populations globally, with many dynamic advancements on the tech front. So, for businesses operating in the region and across its borders, it is becoming increasingly important to incorporate new technologies in their business activities.

Having a comprehensive electronic cloud based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) platform in your business integrates seamless into daily life of employees. Teams can be easily managed across borders and many administrative HR duties are made simple.

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What Can an HRMS System Do for Your Business?

When scaling up or managing operations, companies want to make internal processes simpler and faster. It is important that your business is able to continue to process claims and reimburse employees accurately even though they are not on site.

Having a paperless submission process enables this, allowing parties to submit, accept and reject claims via a smart device. Enabling employees to do this in real time is one of the more important benefits of having a cloud-based HR & Payroll in china strategy, as it empowers both the business and employees. Additionally, this will also assist the business administration processes, data collection, storing of information and more.

Payroll System Services Can Enhance Business Performance

Purchasing and implementing just another administration system does not necessarily draw direct benefit to your company. For the successful running of a business, you need to implement processes that serve a specific purpose and can be tailored to your needs.

Payroll platforms add value by understanding the specific needs of your business and taking an approach that enhances your processes. By improving internal processes your staff can be more dedicated to handling the needs and core focus of your operations. A payroll and HRMS platform allows for easy HR management, with advanced record keeping to save your business time while promoting efficiency.

Options for Flexible HR & Payroll Solutions

The payroll of your company in China can now be fully outsourced to MSA China, which means we will automate the payroll for you, from payroll input, processing, handling queries and generating reports. Alternatively, you can also opt to use our HRMS System (without outsourced payroll), which means you take care of the payroll input while we manage the processing and distribution of pay slips.

We are able to administer and manage a number of critical functions including:

Personnel Management: Instant notifications when leave or other claims submissions have been made (ideal for an online generation);

Payroll Management: Improve payroll accuracy, automate your processes with advanced features;

Time & Attendance management: Track employee attendance and access smart reports

Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Managers are able to access and review reports on the cloud or smart devices. Ensuring managers stay up to date on employee data.

This is a useful tool that is able to provide HR insights, all in one place. Businesses can benefit by attracting the skills they require and then retaining these employees. An effective HRMS system should be able to not only give you insights into employees and managers, but also give you the tools to make smarter business decisions.

Making the Data Work –Practical Flexibility in HR

As we look forward towards more economic stability in China over the next 12 months, businesses may be looking to consolidate and preserve cash flow. A good HRMS system allows you to perform an effective labor cost analysis and draw comparison with other important data points such as employee output. It is an important tool to use for project management projections and can even assist with feasibility studies of potential upcoming jobs.

When a business is looking to grow, it is important to be able to evaluate which are the departments that require additional manpower. Having analytical data to manage this process means making a more informed decision while reducing the margin for error. Businesses are becoming more reliant on advanced analytics and reporting, which is exactly what a comprehensive HRMS system can provide.

Compliance and Security

Having more than a decade of experience in the Chinese market means that we are perfectly positioned to assist any business to navigate the complex regulatory environment (along with the Chinese Personal Information Protection Law).

It is important for businesses in China to remain compliant with local HR requirements to ensure that both employees and businesses are protected.

Employers in China are Required to:

Collect employee information

Maintain an employee’s personnel file that records all of the employee’s academic and employment history as well as other documentation including the employment contract and all filings at the relevant government authorities.

It is also important to remember that the PIPL has placed more obligations on employers, requiring them to ensure compliance with specific clauses and chapters.

Keep information safe

Within a HR environment a significant amount of personal and confidential information is stored. It is understandable that managing and protecting this data is paramount and therefore employers need to prioritize such security concerns.

Our HRMS system is able to increase your data protection and system security, by utilising:

  • SSO Integration using SAML Protocol with third party identity providers; and
  • Daily database backup with encryption and redundant copy protection

across multiple locations in the same regions.

This means your business is able to keep employee records secure while ensuring the integrity of data collected, and ensuring your business stays in line with Chinese regulations.

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