Minimum Monthly and Hourly Wage in China for 2024

China Minimum Wage

Minimum wage policies in China are pivotal in ensuring a baseline standard of living for workers across its vast and economically diverse regions. With each province and city setting its minimum wage levels, the regional cost of living, economic development, and labor market conditions are reflected within these thresholds. As China continues to evolve economically, […]

Working Hours in China

Working hours in China are systematically different from other business cultures. To effectively set up and maintain business operations in China, employers must familiarize themselves with different types of working hours systems and determine the most appropriate structure for their business needs. Here, we will examine the different working hours systems, China’s “9-9-6” principle, regional […]

Pitfalls Hiring an Accountant in China

Are you considering starting a business in China or expanding your products and services to the Chinese market? Whether you have a well-established business or are in the initial stages of setting up your entity, it is essential to have an accountant that thoroughly understands Chinese compliance requirements. Given the complex and strict nature of […]

Documents for Employees in China

In order to hire employees in China employers must follow certain HR compliance matters. One important question that we frequently get asked is about what documentation an employer needs to file with respect to their employee’s data. In the following article we will provide you a best-practice guide of documentation a company should have when […]

Hiring Foreign Employees in China

China is one of the most sought-after countries for foreign investment because of its enticing policies, competitive labor rates, and market reach. For foreign employers, hiring both local and foreign employees ensures the right combination of competence and diversity. Before foreign businesses can employ expatriates, they need to go through a lengthy process and provide […]

Business Culture in China

When establishing a business in China, understanding the workplace culture and norms observed in the country is just as important as knowing the administrative procedures of starting a company. While there are some similarities between Western and Chinese working cultures, there are many differences that you need to be aware of to make sure you […]

Employee Termination China

Employees in China have certain employment rights when an employer wishes to conduct layoffs, restructure or liquidate a company, according to local labor regulations. The rights attributed to employees do not entitle them to keep their jobs but do require a notice period prior to the termination as well as certain procedures to be followed. […]

FESCO Services in China

In China, a foreign company must have a registered legal entity in the country before it can hire either local or foreign employees. By establishing a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) or a Joint Venture (JV), foreign companies can legally hire individuals in China. However, registering either of these options can often be complex, resource-intensive, and […]

Hire and Pay Employees in China

Finding a way to hire and pay employees for a business venture in China can be a cumbersome task. Even though it may seem like a complicated task, there are several methods to employ local and foreign talents for your business in China. Here are 6 ways companies can enter the Chinese market and hire […]

Independent Contractor in China

If you have ever planned on hiring an independent contractor while in China, there are numerous factors you must consider. This article will provide a comprehensive overview on independent contractors in China, the distinctions and challenges associated with hiring contractual workers as well as the necessary requirements and procedures should you decide to hire one. […]